About us

   Мany people ask us: "Why are young people like you - smart, talented, educated, who have arranged their life well in the city, - suddenly left to live in a small hopeless village?" As a rule, bold assumptions are put forward: about a sudden onset of depression, a crisis of personality, or belonging to some kind of spiritual organization. As you know, public opinion in our world is driven by stereotypes, and therefore it is difficult for people to comprehend that there may be very rational prerequisites for such a risky step. How many people living in cities today live the life they dreamed of, and who out of the countless mass of working 45 hours a week has found a job that would fully reveal his creative potential? Self-realization is the main key to take place as a person. Of course, in the metropolis there are a lot of opportunities for self-realization and, probably, the vast majority of people will find their place there. We turned out to be the few whose creative interests lie within the framework of the living nature around us. Animal husbandry, gardening, floristry, beekeeping, organic farming and nature-friendly nutrition, winter swimming and cold hardening - this is not a complete list of interests that cannot be fully realized while living in a city apartment. And when these hobbies expand to such limits that they capture the whole person, then there is no longer any chance, except to find a place for their realization. Living far from the seething life of cities, a person receives inexhaustible opportunities to do those things that reveal him as a person, he begins to push the conventionally erected boundaries that separate a person and the world around him and, in the end, discovers a new one, not previously revealed, potential of a person-creator. Many familiar phenomena unfold from a completely different perspective. This is incredibly interesting and causes a storm of emotions. And it doesn't matter what a person does, it matters HOW he does it. We came here to carry out our experiments with enthusiasm and to live the daily routine that sets our own creative imagination. Without violence against ourselves and fanaticism, we have learned to get up early, we are happy to lead an active lifestyle and go about our daily activities, we eat the food we want, and not what we are offered in the supermarket. And most importantly, we now have plenty of time to rethink our aspirations and analyze our actions. Moving away from stereotypes and looking at the world with fresh eyes is incredibly interesting. Eco-settlement is a unique platform for training the mind, patience, imagination, and self-confidence. Life constantly brings surprises, one year is not like another. What seemed like a victory last year is actually just a lucky coincidence. And this piques interest even more strongly. A person should always be in search of the best solutions to a problem, and not be satisfied with an ordinary result.

We do not deny the achievements of civilization. On the contrary, we actively use them. Anything that helps us to optimize our life and make it easier and more rational is actively welcomed. We are researchers, and therefore, the more harmoniously all the processes in our environment work, the deeper we will be able to do what we really like.

Our children are young self-sufficient individuals. We try not to impose our views on the world on them, giving them the right to choose their own way of life. We encourage in them independence, fearlessness, curiosity, inquisitiveness of the mind, because we believe that these qualities more than others help to find their path, boldly follow their destiny.

Our future is a mystery. We don't think about it because we live in the present. What will remain after us? We hope that there will be knowledge that will be useful for our children to open the doors to even more extraordinary opportunities and discoveries.