Reservoir landscapes

For those who will travel along the highway from Kremenchug to Chigirin, the real "Kremenchug Sea" opens from the windows of the car - an endless expanse of water, seagulls and green islands somewhere in the distance. We go to the reservoir directly from Semigorye to Bolshaya Andrusovka, which is located on the shore. The path from the house to the "nearest water" is no more than 8 km. But if you are not too lazy and drive a little further and leave for the cape of the reservoir (it's only about 20 km), then you get to a beautiful sandy beach with a shallow stream of absolutely clear running water. Of course, children are very pleased to wallow in pleasant warm water. Another great advantage of this place is that the water here does not turn green and does not get a smell even in the hottest time of the year.

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