Each of us, living in Semigorye, has gone a long way in the evolution of our own food system. Today we all eat differently. However, there is one thing that unites us all. It is an understanding that the food we eat should be as natural and simple as possible.

Therefore, when growing plants, we try to apply organic farming methods and follow the principles of permaculture. During the years of experimental agriculture and animal husbandry, we tried bread from our own grain, dairy products from our own goats, fragrant honey from our bees, fragrant butter and pasta from our nuts and seeds we collected. And all sorts of leaven, drying, lozenges are not to list.

Something was barely enough for the needs of our family, other blanks turned out more, and we shared them with friends and relatives. In fact, it is they who have pushed us to create this online store so that everyone can try what we do for ourselves.

Some products we can produce throughout the year, and they are present on the site constantly. Others, such as dried mushrooms, pastels, apple chips, herbal teas, apple cider vinegar - are only available seasonally until they are over.

So, welcome to our store! Good health to you and clarity of thoughts!