Apple flour is a delicious fruit fiber that greatly improves the functioning of the entire digestive tract. It contains a lot of natural apple pectin - a natural sorbent and intestinal sanitary. The gel-forming property of pectin allows you to gently cleanse the intestines without irritating it. Therefore, such fiber can be consumed even by people with sensitive stomach and irritable bowels. In addition, it tastes much better than wheat, oat or flax bran and is no less useful.

Apple flour contains many useful organic acids, phosphorus, iron, potassium, vitamins B, C and PP and antioxidants.

It lowers cholesterol and bilirubin, prevents bile stagnation and the formation of gallstones. Thanks to pectin and plant fibers, apple fiber acts as an excellent natural sorbent - it removes from the body numerous toxins (radionuclides, pesticides, heavy metals, allergens, etc.), pesticides and metabolic products that accumulate in the digestive tract for years.

Apple flour is actively used in weight loss diets. It doesn't have a lot of calories, but due to the fact that it triples in the stomach, it gives a feeling of satiety and fullness for a long time for several hours.

The easiest way to add apple flour to smoothies and shakes. But it turns out much more interesting if you cook pancakes , pastries, sweet porridge with it, thereby reducing the calorie content of dishes and enriching them with useful substances. If you are using psyllium in your cooking, then you can bake pancakes or even muffins using 100% apple flour only, without adding wheat. You will get a super-fintes dessert!

Apple flour has a very pleasant sweet taste with a slight acidity and an apple aroma with hints of bird cherry, so it will undoubtedly decorate any sweet dish!

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