Raw pressed oils

LIVING OIL is an oil that has retained in itself everything of value that is contained in fresh nuts and seeds. It gives life itself. And in ancient times, people knew about this, using such oil to treat many different ailments. He was treated with care and kept in a home medicine cabinet as an important healing tool. The price of “live” oil was very high, and only wealthy people could afford to add it to food.

And even modern traditional medicine attaches great importance to such oils in the prevention and treatment of a wide range of diseases, calling them raw-pressed or obtained by first cold pressing. Summarizing the great variety of their useful properties and qualities, rediscovered by modern science, cheese-pressed oil without exaggeration can be considered the “ELIXIR OF LIFE”.

Try an experiment. Drink every day in the morning a tablespoon of any living oil for a month, and you will feel how you are feeling better, cheerfulness appears, and your desire to live and work increases.

We squeeze oils with the help of a home WOODEN press. Due to the low productivity of the equipment, the raw materials do not heat up above body temperature during the cooking process. Therefore, our oils remain "alive" and are suitable for eating raw foodists.

WALNUT Oil (200ml) 180,00 ГРН each
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