Cream honey

The idea of ​​creating cream honey was born as a healthy alternative to traditional jams and jams. We wanted to learn how to harvest fruits and berries so that they completely retain their fresh taste and healthy properties over the long winter.

During freezing, many vitamins, taste and structure of berries are lost, so we abandoned this venture. Drying did not solve the problem either - many dried berries become too hard and sour. Just pouring the berries with honey, it turned out, is also not an option - getting even the smallest moisture from the berries, the honey begins to deteriorate quickly.

Then we came up with wilting berries at room temperature and beat them with honey until a homogeneous pasty consistency. And finally Eureka! The result exceeded all our expectations - we got an incomparable delicate cream with the taste of fresh berries and the aroma of fragrant honey. And most importantly: it does not lose its wonderful structure and is well stored even on the table.

After berry cream honey, we continued to experiment. So there was a nutty, herbal and ginger cream honey.

I would especially like to note that for the preparation of cream honey we use our Semigorsk honey, carefully collected by bees in our eco-settlement. This is the right seasoned honey from the right bees, which we take from the right beekeeper :))