Herbal honey paste

In Tibetan oriental medicine, herbal powders have been used for a long time. In Ayurveda today, many different preparations are made on the basis of dried and ground herbs. Their use is very wide: from cosmetic goals to the treatment of serious diseases. And only in the Western world herbal powders of finely dispersed crushing began to gain their popularity only over the past few years and every year find more and more widespread use.

The principle of taking herbal powders is very simple: they are usually used on an empty stomach on a teaspoon, washed down with water. Just before swallowing, modern phytotherapists (however, like Ayurvedic doctors) recommend holding herbs in your mouth for 5-7 minutes. In practice, it turned out that it is not so easy to do, given that the powder is absolutely dry and strongly sticks in the mouth. Over time, we figured to add some honey to it, and this greatly simplified the process of consumption. With honey, herbs can be absorbed in the mouth a little and for a fairly long time, which greatly increases the effectiveness of their effects on the body.

The advantage of using herbs in their original form, which nature created them (instead of a decoction of boiled herbs), is obvious. And they taste completely different! To make herbal pastes, we collected herbs ourselves in our vast Semigorye. And we add good honey from summer flower herbs to them.

Such herbs act differently than pharmacological drugs. The active components of herbs, falling into an organ or system after absorption, do not block impulses and do not replace any substances. They cleanse the cells and intercellular spaces of a particular system, align cellular and tissue metabolism in it, and then nourish and tone its tissues. Herbs always act on the principle of accumulation - the better the small channels are cleaned, the more noticeable and faster the effect will appear. Therefore, most often, the process of restoring health cannot be fast. And depending on the degree of slagging and the general condition of all body systems, someone will feel the effect faster (the very next day), and someone after a month of using herbal pastes or even more.

We made herbal mixtures of three types: to improve digestion, to calm the nervous system and to ease coughing. The composition of each herbal paste and the percentage of each herb can be found on its page.