Honey berry syrups

Honey syrups are berry juice and honey from summer herbs. These are our own berries grown without any processing with any drugs. We fill in ripe fresh berries with liquid honey and leave for a while, so that they let the juice. After the berries take in some of the honey and share the

And we pasteurize the syrup and use it throughout the year as a wonderful aromatic and healthy berry concentrate. In a closed bottle, syrups can be stored as much as desired. But after opening, they need to be put in the refrigerator, where they stand for about a month without problems (with longer storage, a small fermentation process may begin due to the low concentration of natural sugars.

Berry-honey syrups can be added to cereals or desserts, simply diluted with water and drunk as a compote. You can add to babies in the first feeding. There are a lot of ways to use it, and most importantly this is a natural delicacy completely sugar free.


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